10 Foodie Films for #TakeOutTuesday

    If you’ve been to a Full Frame Opening Night Party or an Awards BBQ, you know that we enjoy great food! Feast your eyes on one of these 10 films and pair them perfectly with takeout or delivery from one of our great local business partners on this #TakeOutTuesday!

    Kings of Pastry (Directors: Chris Hegedus, D A Pennebaker) – 2010 & 2018 festival alum
    Concocting all manner of sweet delights, from gold foil-bedecked chocolates to towering sculptures of blown sugar, sixteen chefs compete for the French pastry world’s highest honor–the Meilleur Ouvrier de France–in a contest of unbelievable artistry and tension. Amazon Prime, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes

    City of Gold (Director: Laura Gabbert) – 2015 festival alum
    Food critic Jonathan Gold takes us on a journey through Los Angeles’s eclectic food scene, introducing a trove of international delicacies far off the well-beaten path. Amazon Prime, Vudu, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes

    King Georges (Director: Erika Frankel) – 2015 festival alum
    Forty years after opening Le Bec-Fin, French chef Georges Perrier strives to keep his landmark restaurant relevant in a culinary world of new stars and shifting tastes. Amazon Prime, Vudu, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes

    The Hand that Feeds (Directors: Rachel Lears, Robin Blotnick) – 2014 Full Frame Audience Award Feature
    A group of New York City restaurant workers stand up for their rights, despite the threat of job loss and deportation, in this moving story of a bitter labor dispute. Amazon Prime, Vudu, Youtube, Google Play

    Spinning Plates (Director: Joseph Levy) – 2013 festival alum
    From a small cocina to a mecca for country dining to a three-star restaurant in Chicago, this film celebrates our passion for eating out. Youtube, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes

    Eating Alabama (Director: Andrew Beck Grace) – 2012 festival alum
    In search of a simpler life, a young couple returns home to Alabama where they set out to eat the way their grandparents did – locally and seasonally. This thoughtful and funny doc looks at community, the South, and sustainability, revealing a story about why food matters. Amazon Prime, Vudu, Youtube, Google Play, iTunes

    El Bulli: Cooking in Progress (Director: Gereon Wetzel) – 2011 festival alum
    Ferran Adrià’s renowned restaurant closes for six months every year while chefs perfect an avant-garde menu of impressive alchemy. Amazon Prime, Hulu, Starz

    A Matter of Taste (Director: Sally Rowe) – 2011 festival alum
    After several failed ventures, the youngest chef ever to earn three stars from the New York Times tries to re-establish himself in the competitive world of fine dining. Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes

    A Table in Heaven (Director: Andrew Rossi) – 2007 festival alum
    World famous restaurateur Sirio Maccioni struggles to overcome a series of challenges while relaunching his legendary New York eatery Le Cirque. Amazon Prime, iTunes

    BONUS #10: For those looking to dig your teeth into a series, check out the PBS show below by Full Frame alum Cynthia Hill.

    A Chef’s Life (Director: Cynthia Hill)
    Join Chef Vivian Howard’s personal and culinary journey from the top restaurants in New York to her return to Eastern North Carolina as she explores the rich bounty of farm fresh cooking, family, and community. PBS