Film Premieres at the 25th Annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

    Be among the first audiences to watch these films at the 25th annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival! Join us in celebrating the six films with premieres at this year’s online event.

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    Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes

    U.S. Premiere

    Director: James Jones; Producers: Serhiy Solodko, Sasha Odynova

    The story of Chernobyl, told entirely through a newly discovered hoard of dramatic footage filmed at the nuclear plant during the disaster and new, deeply personal audio interviews with those who were there. The film shows how Chernobyl and the subsequent cover-up sparked unprecedented distrust of the authorities, which would eventually lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union.



    U.S. Premiere

    Director: Joris Cottin; Producer: Joris Cottin

    In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Steeve Day has been suffering from ALS for eight years and decides to call for assistance in dying. At the same time, however, visits to hospitals are suspended. Steeve then rents a hotel room in which to spend his last days and receive his loved ones. 


    Freedom Hill 

    World Premiere

    Director: Resita Cox; Producer: Resita Cox

    Princeville, North Carolina, is the first town incorporated by freed, formerly enslaved Africans in America. This historical site sits on a precipice: It is gradually being washed away.



    U.S. Premiere 

    Director: Joannie Lafrenière; Producer: Line Sander Egede

    Gabor is a quirky, feel-good portrait of Gabor Szilasi, the 94-year-old giant of Canadian contemporary photography. This uplifting immigrant story is an inspiring lesson on how to grow old with elegance and dignity.


    Move Me 

    World Premiere

    Directors: Kelsey Peterson, Daniel Klein; Producers: Kelsey Peterson, Daniel Klein

    At 27, Kelsey Peterson, the film’s co-director, dove into Lake Superior and emerged paralyzed. Now, the former dancer has an opportunity to dance again but is grappling with a decision to participate in a cutting-edge clinical trial, which forces her to confront hope and acceptance, body and spirit.


    Soldat Ahmet

    North American Premiere

    Director: Jannis Lenz; Producers: David Bohun, Lixi Frank

    Ahmet, a champion boxer with Turkish roots and a professional soldier in the Austrian army, starts taking acting lessons. Onstage, he comes face to face with his own internal battles.