Common Ground

    In partnership with Full Frame and local arts organizations, the Common Ground project is a traveling program that facilitates free documentary screenings and discussions in small towns throughout our state.

    The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival brings together filmmakers and film lovers from near and far to celebrate the power and artistry of documentary film. Documentary films uniquely allow audiences to gain new perspectives by experiencing someone else’s story, and foster discussions that can lead to a greater understanding of humanity. Full Frame is committed to enhancing public understanding and appreciation of the art form and its significance, while making documentary more accessible to a wider audience.

    The aims of the Common Ground project include:

    • Share the festival’s mission by making documentary films free and accessible to people of all backgrounds
    • Create space that nurtures dialogue between artists and community members
    • Learn interests of the county so film selection reflects those values
    • Generate economic impact for area businesses around the screening event

    Whenever possible, a filmmaker or subject of the film will be invited to participate in a post-screening conversation. Films will be selected in close consultation with community leaders, civic organizations, and local businesses after a series of conversations with Full Frame staff. Full Frame aims to deeply understand the interests of residents in the county so that programming is reflective of these values.

    Common Ground kicked off with Won’t You Be My Neighbor at the Joy Performance Center in Kings Mountain, NC on October, 25, 2018. View the photo album here