American Teen


American Teen follows four students during their senior year of high school in a small town in Indiana. The jock, the popular girl, the arty misfit, and the nerd are all here—and so are the cliques, the rivalries, the love stories, the peer and parent pressure, and the agonizing decisions about the future that go along with being a teenager. But filmmaker Nanette Burstein, who filmed them daily for ten months and came to know them well, goes far beyond the stereotypes to give us a complex and nuanced view of young people stumbling toward adulthood. With a style and polish reminiscent of your favorite John Hughes movie, American Teen is a touching, funny, and intimate take on the pressures of growing up.


Nanette Burstein


Nanette Burstein, Jordan Roberts, Eli Gonda, Chris Huddleston

Executive Producers

Elisa Pugliese, Patrick Morris, Molly Thompson, Nancy Dubuc, Rob Sharenow

Release Year


Festival Year



United States

Run Time

100 minutes