An Angel in Doel


Tom Fassaert’s debut feature film is a mesmerizing black-and-white elegy for the Belgian village of Doel. Located across the river from the mega-port of Antwerp in the Flemish-speaking half of Belgium, Doel is an area marked for harbor expansion. Most of the residents have moved away when we meet Emilienne and her friends, forthright seniors who must choose to accept or resist the tide of “progress.” The film quietly documents the town’s decay and de-construction as it allows us to glimpse snatches of life at the end of a street, to catch a haunting tune floating on air. Aerial shots hover high above the rooftops as over time the buildings seem to slowly recede into the harbor, a nuclear power plant brooding in the distance. As Emilienne refuses to accept yet another eviction notice, a tour bus rounds a corner heralding Doel as a new tourist destination and latter-day ghost town.  DP


Tom Fassaert


Digna Sinke


Tom Fassaert, Thabi Mooi, Axel Skovdal Roelofs


Daniël Bouquet n.s.c., Diderik Evers, Reinout Steenhuizen

Original Title

De Engel van Doel

Release Year


Festival Year



Netherlands, Belgium

Run Time

76 minutes


US Premiere