Angels in the Dust

Full Frame / Emerging Pictures Audience Award 2007

NEW DOCS Thematic Africa Stories Curated by Nancy Buirski

In the dusty outskirts of a deeply divided nation, the Bothshabelo orphanage offers sanctuary to hundreds of South Africans in need. Con and Marion Cloete traded in a cushy upper-class lifestyle in Johannesburg to found a village and school that would provide shelter, care, and guidance for children, teenagers and adults marginalized by race, class, sexual assault, and the effects of the prevailing AIDS epidemic. A visual intervention that aims to help put an end to the crisis of infant rape in South Africa, this film constructs a powerful account of the human potential for compassion, commitment, and sacrifice and gives voice to the children healing in the arms of a new kind of family.  SW


Louise Hogarth


James Egan, Louise Hogarth

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United States

Run Time

96 minutes


World Premiere