Dont Look Back

Tribute D. A. Pennebaker

This celebrated film documents Bob Dylan’s tour in England in 1965. Dylan is surrounded by an entertaining cohort, fellow artists like Joan Baez and his manager Albert Grossman. In vivid black-and-white images, D. A. Pennebaker follows the proceedings on and off stage. His camera glides down hotel corridors and out onto city streets; it observes the frenetic energy of swooning fans and journalists peppering Dylan with questions. And in the auditorium, it quietly witnesses the man with the guitar and harmonica on stage. The film moves with the musician at a pivotal moment, as Dylan navigates mounting celebrity during what would be his last acoustic tour, and powerfully makes space for Dylan’s music, featuring public and private performances, not to mention the iconic poster cards punctuating the lyrics of “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” Refreshingly forthright, with pinch-yourself access, Dont Look Back may well inspire music documentaries for generations to come, but Pennebaker’s singular approach assures that there will never be another one quite like this.  ST

Filmmaker Q&A following screening


D. A. Pennebaker


Albert Grossman, John Court, Leacock-Pennebaker, Inc.


D. A. Pennebaker


D. A. Pennebaker

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United States

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96 minutes