Family Tree


In Family Tree, Black land ownership and sustainable forestry are one and the same, and two North Carolina families take on the challenge of building intergenerational wealth while raising healthy forests. Historically, because of knowledge gaps around land stewardship, Black owners have sold their precious acreage to developers. Guided by forestry experts Sam Cook, Mavis Gragg, and Alton Perry, these families are empowered to cultivate a dream of restorative abundance. While the value of a tree is often overlooked, Tyrone and Edna Williams prepare their three sons to continue the family’s legacy by teaching them to balance economic potential with environmental protection. Newer owners, Nikki and Natalie Jefferies, learn that the seeds they plant now will have far-reaching consequences. In order to move fully into the future, the sisters and their father, Sidney, must confront deep wounds from the past to restore family unity. In her directorial debut, Jennifer MacArthur leans into the intimate and visionary process of protecting Black legacies through environmental sustainability. KL

Filmmaker Q&A following screening


Jennifer MacArthur


Rupert Maconick


Hannah Choe


Rafael Roy, Darius Davis

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