Fruits of Labor


Ashley is an introspective teen with curiosity about the world and her relationship to her ancestors. She also works days in the strawberry fields and nights in a packaging plant to help support her family, all while trying to graduate from high school and navigating the possibility of her mother being deported. Fruits of Labor captures this coming-of-age moment in Ashley’s life and how she blossoms into her full self. Emily Cohen Ibañez’s layered portrait takes root in the perspectives of Ashley and her family: Observational scenes of her family’s life are intercut with moments of magical realism that offer dreamy, vivid interludes of self-reflection. Ibañez acknowledges the systemic forces working against Ashley and her family while staying anchored to her personal journey. Ashley’s voice guides the story—she candidly shares her worries and aspirations, while vibrant, stylized close-ups of flowers, butterflies, and fruit convey the lushness of her poetic imagination.  SO


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Emily Cohen Ibañez


Emily Cohen Ibañez

Executive Producers

Tracy Rector, Aurora Guerrero, Richard Ray Perez, Chris White, Justine Nagan


Kristina Motwani, Andrea Chignoli


Gabriella Garcia-Pardo, Emily Cohen Ibañez

Release Year


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United States

Run Time

76 minutes