Generation Wealth


For 25 years Lauren Greenfield has documented affluence around the world. In this astonishing overview of her immense body of work, the filmmaker and photographer reconnects with subjects of her images to consider their relationships to wealth, then and now. Some have let go of their financial aspirations, recognizing their dreams of the future involve milestones that money cannot buy, while others hold fast to the longing for more and more. Moving through a mosaic of perspectives, these values reflect and collide with one another and expose a materialistic culture obsessed with the idea of being, and looking, rich. In the process, the conversation expands beyond money—we’re yearning not only for bigger houses and designer clothes, but for perfect bodies and professional success. Greenfield carefully allows herself to be part of the inquiry, turning the camera on her family to examine her childhood, her role as a parent, and the ways her own desires manifest in her work.  ST

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Lauren Greenfield


Frank Evers, Lauren Greenfield, Wallis Annenberg


Aaron Wickenden ACE, Michelle Witten, Victor Livingston, Dan Marks


Robert Chappell, Lauren Greenfield, Shana Hagan, Jerry Risius, Lars Skree

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United States

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106 minutes