Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio

Thematic Crime and Punishment Curated by Joe Berlinger

In recent years, dozens of women have gone missing in Chillicothe, Ohio. Some are found to have been murdered, while the fates of others remain a mystery. Without strong leads, the women’s disappearances leave both their loved ones and local law enforcement officers with more questions than answers. In this stunning series, Joe Berlinger travels to Chillicothe and begins the painstaking process of interviewing family members, friends, and local authorities to explore whether a serial killer is responsible. Unsatisfied by the absence of serious inquiry and information, Berlinger recruits a forensic analyst and a former FBI agent to help with his investigation. As their inquiry proceeds, harrowing details and a constellation of connections begin to emerge, highlighting the devastating intersections of addiction, prostitution, and violence in a community besieged by the opioid epidemic. This program features the first two hour-long episodes of the eight-part series.  ST

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Joe Berlinger


Joe Berlinger, Catherine Park


Charlotte Stobbs, Jared DuBrino, Mike Brennan, Cy Christiansen, Daphne Gomez-Mena


Bob Richman, Luke Geissbuhler, Tony Hardman, Michael Richard Martin, Tom Kaufman, Brandon Riley, Matt Porwoll

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United States

Run Time

120 minutes