I Didn’t See You There


Filmed in and around director Reid Davenport’s apartment in Oakland, California, this documentary is part essay, part travelogue, and part formal observational inquiry, all linked by the director’s subjectivity as a disabled filmmaker. Viewers experience Davenport’s environment visually via handheld and wheelchair-mounted cameras and aurally through the filmmaker’s candid and considered voiceover. Suffused with artful composition and an arresting soundscape, the film unfolds in scenes that range from ordinary to outrageous to illuminate what’s often invisible. 

In one scene, a caption informs the viewer that the sequence’s accompanying soundtrack is a “long sustained note that transforms into melody,” and I Didn’t See You There yields a similarly rewarding result. Colors, shapes, sounds, and textures accumulate and combine with encounters, obstacles, and incisive narration to form a cinematic poem of, and about, perspective.  TM 


Image ID: In a reflection of an unmarked storefront is a grayish silhouette of a man using an electric wheelchair. Behind the man is a spectacular red and yellow circus tent.  


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Reid Davenport


Keith Wilson

Executive Producer

Alysa Nahmias


Todd Chandler


Reid Davenport

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United States

Run Time

76 minutes