Mama Bears


“Once you know how important fighting for your kid is, you can’t do anything else but fight for them,is the statement that begins Daresha Kyi’s poignant documentary about a group of conservative Christian women that call themselves the “Mama Bears.” In seeking to avoid the ostracization, homelessness, conversion therapy, or suicide that often befall queer youth from conservative families, these Mama Bears chose to affirm their LGBTQ+ children. They became fierce advocates for this communityfrom offering “mom hugs” to gay kids at Pride parades to speaking out publicly against homophobia. We follow the stories of three Christian individuals: Kimberly, whose young trans daughter, Kai, knew she was a girl at three; Sara, whose adult son Parker has struggled with his sexuality his whole life because of his Christian upbringing; and finally Tammi, who is still trying to heal her relationship with God and her mother after finally accepting that she is gay. This hopeful film hints at a more loving future.  BD 


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Daresha Kyi


Laura Tatham, Daresha Kyi

Executive Producers

Sally Jo Fifer, Lois Vossen, Patty Quillin, Scotch Ellis Loring, Chris Panizzon, Kathryn M. Moseley, Tiffany Boyle, Elsa Ramo


Hajer S. I. Salem, Kelly Creedon


Amy Bench

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United States

Run Time

90 minutes