My Generation

Career Award Barbara Kopple

Chronicling one of the mythic cultural events of the century, the Woodstock festivals of 1969, 1994, and 1999, this film far surpasses whatever presuppositions one may bring to the theater. As an exploration of cultural memory, it resonates with powerful images of the search by two generations for community amidst nearly anarchic, and vividly disparate, celebrations of music and youth. Replete with incredible performances and brimming with outrageous acts of self-expression, sexual liberation, and rebellion that have defined the Woodstock experience, My Generation is a film that speaks volumes about generational contrast and change; about peace and love and violence; about commercial exploitation, music, and artistry; and about a profound desire for fraternity and self-fulfillment.


Barbara Kopple, Thomas Haneke


Barbara Kopple, Alan Newman, Jeff Rowland

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United States

Run Time

103 minutes