Picture Day

Tribute Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert

This lively short film features the portraits of hundreds of elementary school students—601 to be exact—each captured in 12 single frames of film and displayed here in rapid succession. The kids’ engagement with the camera results in a parade of mixed expressions, some playful, some thoughtful. Audio of the students interviewing one another plays alongside the stills, as they talk about the value of photographs. Why do we keep pictures? Will they mean something more in the future than they do in the present? How do our relationships to them change if they are pictures of someone we’ve lost? Expressive and complex, these youthful reflections emphasize the significance of documenting our lives and holding on to moments from the past.  ST

Filmmaker Q&A following screening


Steven Bognar


Mary Sheridan


Steven Bognar, Eric Johnson


Steven Bognar

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United States

Run Time

7 minutes