The Chances of the World Changing

Thematic DoubleTake Curated by Sadie Tillery

What began as a desire to help save endangered turtles becomes an all-consuming passion for New Yorker Richard Ogust, who eventually shares his apartment with 1,200 rare specimens of tortoises from around the globe. Forced to a personal and financial breaking point because of his desire to help, Ogust must now try to find a way to rebuild his shattered life and ensure the survival of his precious charges, two ventures whose chances of success, Ogust muses, are as low as those mentioned in the title. Luminous cinematography informs this look at a man whose devotion to nature has effectively taken him out of the world.

Jim Haverkamp, 2006 Festival


Eric Daniel Metzgar


Eric Daniel Metzgar, Nell Carden Grey


Eric Daniel Metzgar


Eric Daniel Metzgar

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United States

Run Time

99 minutes