The School of Canine Massage


The Ojai School of Canine Massage in California offers a rare opportunity for students to master the art of dog massage therapy. People come to learn methods for invigorating tissue, relieving tension, and targeting pressure points to relieve pain—they watch as teachers demonstrate different techniques and then practice newfound skills on their furry four-legged companions. In Emma D. Miller’s waggish and heartwarming short, the power of touch is on full display as tails go limp and eyelids droop. The blissful effects of the massages on the dogs are evident, but as we hear what brought the students to the school, we come to understand how the experience is equally restorative for humans. The School of Canine Massage reveals a truth deeply felt by those who have loved, or been loved by, man’s best friend—in taking care of them, we are cared for in return. ST


Emma D. Miller


Emma D. Miller, Colby Day


Max Mueller


Ora DeKornfeld

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United States

Run Time

11 minutes