The Way I Look at You: 5 Stories of Driving School

Thematic DoubleTake Curated by Sadie Tillery

This uniquely insightful film portrays the relationships that develop between five pairs of driving school instructors and students in Lausanne, Switzerland, many of whom moved to the city from other parts of the world. In the process of teaching and learning, personalities shine through the obligatory routine. One instructor makes inappropriate jokes, while another encourages his student to be generous with other drivers on the road. Over time this small talk gives way to deeper cultural exchange. Most of the relationships are marked by a distinct expiration date—the classes will end when the students pass their exam. The confines of this set period, and of the vehicle itself, foster communication. Staring at the road ahead, side by side, allows discussions that might not otherwise occur, the conversations are captured here for us to view.

Sadie Tillery, 2000 Festival


Jean-Stéphane Bron


Jean-Stéphane Bron


Karine Sudan


François Bovy

Original Title

La bonne conduite: 5 histoires d’auto-école

Release Year


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Run Time

60 minutes