The Winter Garden’s Tale


For the last 45 years, Mrs. Valentina Voronina has been the steward of the floriculture pavilion in the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy of the Ukrainian SSR. With a motley crew of four-legged companions, Voronina has devoted her life to tending plants and mending structures, making the most of seemingly insufficient resources to keep the declining greenhouse alive and standing. But times are changing, and she has been asked to step down and leave the facility of which she’s been the epicenter. As the days leading up to her retirement pass by, fraught interactions with her successors expose a woman unable to see circumstances and solutions through any lens but her own. Amidst broken windows and cascades of plastic tarp, lush green vines and decaying tools, tensions fill the air. Exquisitely photographed over the changing seasons, The Winter Garden’s Tale achingly maneuvers through deteriorating chambers and relationships alike to capture a portrait at once physical and psychological, and leaves us to imagine whether it is more painful to see an entity fail in your absence or to see it thrive without you.  ST

Saturday, April 6 — 4:00 pm Cinema 1


Simon Mozgovyi


Alex Chepiga, Taras Bosak, Artem Koliubaiev


Mykola Bazarkin, Simon Mozgovyi


Denis Melnik

Original Title

Історія Зимового саду

Release Year


Festival Year



Ukraine, Czech Republic

Run Time

75 minutes




North American Premiere