Union is a compelling story of the quintessential battle between a modern-day David and the world’s most formidable Goliath. In this instance, David is Chris Smalls, a warehouse employee who is fired from his job at Amazon’s JFK8 facility on Staten Island at the height of the pandemic when he protests the lack of adequate PPE. To create better working conditions for Amazon warehouse employees, Chris launches the Amazon Labor Union (ALU). However, to be fully recognized as a union, Chris and his coterie must obtain signatures of at least one-third of the warehouse workers—a feat that is more difficult than it seems given the company’s high turnover rate. Through a vérité style, the filmmakers document the three-year journey, and we experience the lows: power struggles, in-fighting, setbacks, and Amazon’s constant anti-union machinations. Despite all of this, the workers never lose hope, and we witness their determination and how effective collective action can be. BD

Filmmaker Q&A following screening


Brett Story, Stephen Maing


Brett Story, Stephen Maing, Samantha Curley, Mars Verrone, Martin Dicicco


Blair McLendon, Malika Zouhali-Worrall, Stephen Maing


Martin Dicicco, Stephen Maing

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United States

Run Time

104 minutes