Film Award: Full Frame Inspiration Award

Mr. Cao Goes to Washington
S. Leo Chiang

This sobering political documentary follows Joseph Cao, the first Vietnamese American elected to Congress, during his 2010 long-shot reelection bid to represent Louisiana’s predominantly African…

We Still Live Here — Âs Nutayuneân
Anne Makepeace

The Wampanoag Indians embark on a quest to reclaim the forgotten language of their people.

Surviving Hitler: A Love Story
John-Keith Wasson

This riveting love story, anchored in a plot to kill Hitler during the height of his power, offers an eye-opening look at life under the Third Reich.

Unmistaken Child
Nati Baratz

Guided by the drift of smoke and dreams, the Buddhist monk Tenzin Zopa sets off on a quest to find the reincarnation of his recently…

At the Death House Door
Steve James, Peter Gilbert

For fifteen years Rev. Carroll Pickett served as death house chaplain to the Walls prison unit in Huntsville, Texas. There he presided over ninety-five executions.…

Heddy Honigmann

Cimetière du Père-Lachaise in Paris is the final resting place of many great artists, writers, and composers, and visitors come daily to bring flowers, tidy…

My Country, My Country
Laura Poitras

In 2005, the first elections after the fall of Sadaam Hussein hold incredible promise, but will they be overshadowed by the unaddressed ethnic and sectarian…

Last Men in Aleppo
Feras Fayyad

Urgent and harrowing, this film follows the White Helmets’ unrelenting efforts to save fellow Syrians. When air strikes devastate homes, they descend on the wreckage to rescue buried men, women, and children, refusing to leave their people or their city behind.

God Loves Uganda
Roger Ross Williams

American Christian evangelists export virulent anti-gay teachings to Sub-Saharan Africa with deadly consequences.

Starless Dreams
Mehrdad Oskouei

With rawness and candor, young women in an Iranian juvenile detention center reflect on the crimes they have committed and the harsh circumstances that have shaped them.