2017 Donors

Full Frame gives heartfelt thanks to the following individuals for their generous support.


 Diamond     $10,000+


Baskerville Fund at the Triangle Community Foundation*

Hartfield Foundation*

Joan Gillings*

Mrs. Frank H. Kenan


Gold     $5,000 – $9,999

Kathi and Steve Eason

Julie and Mark Morris*

Jennifer Parker and Peter Rosenberg

Wyndham Robertson

Alan Teasley and Andrew Wheeler*


Silver     $2,500 – $4,999

Rae Ann and Patrick Baker

Susan Blackwell, John Blackwell, and Jeff Crawford

Kerry Dietz and Eva Schocken

Fenhagen Family and Helen’s Fund*

Marion Jervay and Kenton Cobb

Diane Katz and Fred Hines

Lacy Family Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation

Nancy Lee and Marie Wilson*

Michele Pas and Barry Poss

David Sontag

Londa Weisman


Bronze     $1,350 – $2,499

Hannah and Pete Andrews

Beverly and Robert Atwood

Dawn S. Booker

Glenda and Gary Bos

Marjorie and Claude Burton

Lisa and Leon Capetanos

Meredith and Eugene Clapp

Vandana Dake and John Warasila

Anne and Walter Dellinger

Drew Dellinger

Jolynn and Hampton Dellinger

Donna and William Eacho

Leslie Fischer and Murat Kaptanoglu

Anne and Richard Ford

Cynthia Frazier and Benjamin Reese*

Karen Freeman and Robin Smith

Barbara Haight and Shane Jones

Deirdre and Joseph Haj

in honor of the Full Frame Staff

Wesley Hogan and Dirk Philipsen

in honor of Quillie Coath

Deborah Hylton and E. Leland Webb

Sandra and Peter Jacobi

Deborah Jakubs and James Roberts

Suma and Evan Jones

Kay Jordan and Will Alphin

Stefanie and Doug Kahn*

Nancy Kalow and Daniel Dektar*

Emily Kass and Charles Weinraub

Christine and Ken Kehrer

Sam Lasris and Larry Wright

Amyla Lavric*

Tracy Mancini and Norris Cotton

James M. Mathews

Jill McCorkle and Thomas Rankin

Ann and Steven McDowell

Barbara and Michael McNulty

Eleanor and Jonathan Meredith

Gale and Bill Meyer

Jaye Meyer and Michael Crowell

Paul Michael

Laurie Millar and Robert Bury

Drs. Terri Monk and B. Craig Weldon

Linda Munger

Karen O’Donnell

Lois and Barry Ostrow

Nancy and Peter Perault

Kim and Phil Phillips

Brenda Pomeroy

Marilyn and Rich Jacobs Preyer

Mary and William Purdy

Karen Rabenau and David Harpole

Nicole Ranger

Ellen and Ken Reckhow

Rose and Dean Ritts

Caroline and Arthur Rogers

Susan Rosenthal and Michael Hershfield

Elizabeth and Michael Schoenfeld

Dveera Segal

Joanna and Michael Selim

Cosette Serabjit-Singh and Richard Philpot

Chloe Seymore and Harrison Haynes

Melanie Small and Greg DeKoenigsberg

Trudy and Stuart Smith

Mindy and Guy Solie

Stan Sudo

Lybess Sweezy and Ken Miller

Judy and Hugh Tilson

Marie and A. Eugene Washington

Gennifer Weisenfeld and Derek Jones

Tom Wenger

Patti White and John Sander

Rick and Linda Wilson

Julie and Kevin Witte

Victoria Wright

Alan Young

Krista and Michael Zarzar

Joyce and Kenneth Zeitler

Kathy and Harry Zemel

Melissa and Matthew Zemon

Rosilene Ziegler and John Steege



Director     $500 – $1,000

Kendall Alford-Madden

Susan and Daniel Barco

Dianne and Bruce Birch

Daniel Clark

Barbara Ettinger and Sven Huseby

Susan and Chris Graebe

Thomas S. Kenan, III

Hannah and Paul Kirschenfeld

Tad Kleindienst

Barb Lee and Alston Gardner

Carlton Midyette

Mary Mountcastle and James Overton

Josh Stein

Tracey Thomas

Lauren and Jim Whitehurst

Dave Wofford


Producer     $250 – $499

Margaretta Belin

Lamar Bland

Angelique and Jud Bowman

Linda and Philip Carl

Henry Majestic

Josh Parker

Bryna and Greg Rapp

Stephen Schewel

Joseph Seman

J. Spain

Cay Stratton and Barry Popkin

Rachel Unkefer

Angie Vorhies

Ray Walker

Gail Wood and Gary Richman



$100 – $249

Ann Alexander

Christina Augustine and John Roth

Kathy and David Bartlett

John Boren

Carol and Robert Carlish

Carol Chambers

Julie and William Coleman

Paul Cunningham

Mia and Scott Doron

Marybeth Dugan

Paul Feldblum

Stephan George

Susan Green

Mig Hayes

Mark Kalish

Victoria Mazur

Ross McElwee

Rose Mills and Jeffrey Collins

Catherine Murphy

Gayle Nosal

Bengt Pederson

Christine Pritchard

Sharon Reuss and Berry McMurray

Mary Russell

Gita Schonfeld and Marvin Swartz

Sarah Schroeder

Paul Shakin

Alice Sharpe

Maura Stokes

David Uglow

Lynn Whitaker

Karen Willis


Up to $99

Jennifer Albright

Tiffany Albright

Howard Aronowitz

Ronald Aubert

Frank Baldiga

Luci Bearon

Maureen Berry

Bill Block

David Boyd and Laurence Helfer

Jean Brady

Allison Chrestensen

Edith and Stephen Cohn

Gretchen Cooley

Al Dennis

Frank Franz

Alice Garfield

Barbara Geistwhite

Deborah and Michael Gerhardt

Phyllis Gordon

Ilene Hadler

Susan and John Hausman

Angel Jackson

Tanya Jisa

Mary Kessler

Tod Malkoff

Laurie and Gary Mesibov

Amy Miller

Margaret Newman

Tema Okun and Thomas Stern

Amie Paul

Matthew Ray

Barbara and Robert Robertson

Gilda Rodriguez

Greta Rubinow

James Scales

Susan and Elliott Schaffer

Anne Sherman and Jeff Laufenberg

Toby Shimin

Mark Simonsen

George Spignesi

James Squire

Alexis Steinhilber

Olympia Stone

Neila and Jerry Surh

Betty Thomas

Angela Vieth and Arthur Goodwin

Gary Ward

Christa Ellen Washington

Laura and David Weisberg-Wong

Sam Wilen

Jane Williams


*We thank these donors for their increased support in honor of Full Frame’s 20th Anniversary.