February Staff Pick | Giving Voice

    We’re back with our Monthly Staff Pick, where we dive into the archive and select a film to share with you each month. This month’s pick is Giving Voice (Full Frame 2020) from Development Manager Leesa Moore.

    Leesa says, “I love this documentary because it shows how transformative the magic of words and performance can be. We long to feel connected to a greater community (both in the present or through our past), to be heard and seen, and to be able to express our deepest desires or fears with understanding. The words of August Wilson are so powerful. It is even more incredible to see how they transcend time and stir passion for young folks who are finding their own voices.”

    Giving Voice (Full Frame 2020) | Directors: James D. Stern, Fernando Villena

    Stream: Netflix

    Six passionate, ambitious high school students compete in an annual monologue competition on Broadway in honor of renowned playwright August Wilson. Intercutting the students’ meticulous preparation with interviews that explore Wilson’s chronicling of the African American experience, Giving Voice is a vibrant living history of theater’s past and present.