Donor Wall

    Full Frame recognizes and thanks all our First Team members, donors, and supporters whose generosity allows us to move our mission forward, impacting thousands of artists, students, audiences, and more throughout the documentary and Durham communities.

    2022 Donors

    2022 First Team Members*


    Mrs. Frank H. Kenan


    Wyndham Robertson
    Alan Teasley and Andrew Wheeler


    Jeff and Susan Crawford and John R. Blackwell
    Nancy Kalow and Daniel Dektar
    Marian and Dudley Lacy
    Nancy Lee and Marie Wilson (in honor of Asha Lee and Cody Victor)
    Jaye Meyer and Michael Crowell
    Jennifer Parker and Peter Rosenberg
    Melody Harrison Savage
    David Sontag


    Beverly and Robert Atwood
    The Baskerville Foundation of TCF
    Ellen Cassilly and Frank Konhaus
    Diane and Charles Catotti
    Kelly Clark and John A. Northen
    Chris Cramer
    Vandana Dake and John Warasila
    Jolynn and Hampton Dellinger (in memory of Anne and Walter Dellinger)
    Angela and Sam Eberts
    Dr. Jonathan Flescher
    Cynthia Frazier and Benjamin D. Reese, Jr.
    Imre and Aniko Gaal
    Pricey Taylor Harrison
    Sandra and Peter Jacobi
    Deborah Jakubs and James Roberts
    Dr. Sarah Hollingsworth Lisanby and Dr. Satish I. Anjilvel (in memory of Charles Alvin Lisanby)
    Sandy and Ned McClurg
    Gale Meyer
    Paul Michael
    Carolyn and Lowell Murchison
    Peggy Parsons
    Nancy and Chris Plaut
    Mary and William Purdy
    Bryna and Greg Rapp
    Kimberly and Henry Rehberg
    Wendy Robineau and Donald Beskind
    Timothy Ross
    Bob Saunders and Mary Morgan
    Michele and Barry Smith
    Angie Vorhies
    Londa Weisman
    Tom Wenger
    Annabel Wharton
    Jennifer and Sandy Williams
    Linda Wilson and Rick Carns
    Joyce and Kenneth Zeitler
    Rosilene Ziegler and John Steege


    *as of March 10, 2022

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    Fans of Full Frame

    Randy Adams
    Michelle Arlotto
    Alice Collins Barnes
    Kathy and David Bartlett
    Paul Bonesteel, Bonesteel Films
    Andrea Patiño Contreras
    Meghan Day
    Sarah Francis
    Susan Jane Hayden
    Susan Keeble
    Leesa Moore (in honor of The Full Frame Team)
    Mary R. Russell
    Jan Schochet
    Amy Scott
    Alice L. Sharpe (in memory of Carl Whisenton)
    Kathryn Annette Simmons (in honor of Annette Simmons who believes trust depends on how well we share our stories)
    Dr. Erin Smith
    Kathleen Stage
    Sam Wilen

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    2022 Donors*

    Kendall Alford-Madden (in honor of Jessica Reveal)
    Edward and Elizabeth Anderson
    Ronald E. Aubert
    John Blackwell
    Laura Ertel
    Cynthia Frazier and Benjamin Reese, Jr.
    Kirk Futrell
    Phyllis Gordon
    Judy and William Hawkins (in honor of Angie Potiny)
    Stefanie and Douglas Kahn
    Hannah and Paul Kirschenfeld
    Suzanne and Landon LaPorte
    Michel Negroponte
    Caroline and Arthur Rogers, III
    Drs. Barbra and Andrew Rothschild
    Paul Charles Shakin
    Angela Vieth
    Lynn E. Whitaker

    *donors May 9, 2021-March 10, 2022

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