Watchers of the Sky
Edet Belzberg

Four extraordinary people embody the vision of Rafael Lemkin, who created international law to stop genocide and hold leaders accountable.

The Way I Look at You: 5 Stories of Driving School
Jean-Stephane Bron

This intimate and uniquely probing film portrays the relationships that develop between five pairs of driving school instructors and students in Lausanne, Switzerland. Their distinctive…

The Way I Look at You: 5 Stories of Driving School
Jean-Stéphane Bron

This uniquely insightful film explores the relationships that develop between five pairs of Swiss driving school instructors and their students; in their obligatory interactions, complex personal stories are revealed. Festival Year: 2000

The Way It Is
Elizabeth Salgado

A boiled egg. A slurped saucer. Each sequence of this exquisite movie is reduced to its essence as it tells a year in the life…

The Way We Get By
Aron Gaudet

The Bangor International Airport in Maine is often the last stop for American troops leaving for war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the first when…

We Always Lie to Strangers
AJ Schnack, David Wilson

This touching portrayal takes us into the lives of four families who perform for tourists in the
“live music capital of the world,” Branson, Missouri.

We Got Us
Joan Brooker

Four friends in their late years share memories about their families, their lives, their loves and life in general. Through their conversation we learn about…

We Live In Public
Ondi Timoner

A look at a frenzied decade in the life of Josh Harris, internet pioneer, social engineer, and performance artist. In the weeks leading up to…

We Still Live Here — Âs Nutayuneân
Anne Makepeace

The Wampanoag Indians embark on a quest to reclaim the forgotten language of their people.

Weapon of War
Ilse van Velzen, Femke van Velzen

Over years of civil war, it’s estimated that over 150,000 women have been raped in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This harrowing document includes direct interviews with current and former soldiers, many speaking for the first time, involved in the policy of systematic sexual terrorism.

The Weather Underground
Sam Green, Bill Siegel

This reflective film tells the story of anti-Vietnam War activists who set out to overthrow the U.S. government. Through much of the 1970s, The Weathermen…

A Wedding in Ramallah
Sherine Salama

A riveting personal drama of lives lived between the West Bank and Cleveland, Ohio. Bassam, a Palestinian immigrant, journeys home for an arranged marriage to…

Josh Kriegman, Elyse Steinberg

With unparalleled access to the candidate, Weiner followers disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner’s 2013 campaign for mayor of New York City and intensely navigates new political scandal as it unfolds.

Weirded Out and Blown Away
Sharon Greytak

Sharon Greytak asks probing questions of her subjects (including herself), who are all disabled in some way, with everything from polio to cerebral palsy. Their…

Welcome to Nollywood
Jamie Meltzer

Nigeria is the third largest producer of feature films, after the US and India. Movies are made on the cheap—first quickly shot on tape, then,…

Welcome to the Dollhouse
Todd Solondz

Welcome to the Dollhouse is a stark suburban comedy about 11-year-old Dawn Wiener, a middle child in middle school in the middle of New Jersey.…

Welcome to the Real World
Barney Churchill Broomfield

A young filmmaker edits the film he shot of two aid workers making a motorbike trip from India to England. Part road movie, part video…

Well-Founded Fear
Shari Robertson, Michael Camerini

Only one in two hundred refugees is granted asylum in the U.S. on the grounds of a well-founded fear of persecution for race, religion, nationality,…