Venus and Serena
Maiken Baird, Michelle Major

This unprecedented look at the tennis legends’ lives on and off the court is accentuated by the
testaments of family, friends, and some of their more famous fans.

Francesca Melandri

On the day a foal is born, a thoroughbred horse breeder outside Rome remembers her refugee past.

Very Semi-Serious: A Partially Thorough Portrait of New Yorker Cartoonists
Leah Wolchok

In this delightful introduction to legends and aspirants of the cartoon world, New Yorker editor Bob Mankoff reveals how single-panel drawings find their way to the printed page.

Erik Gandini

What happens when a nation’s leader also owns its most popular television stations? Director Erik Gandini exposes the startling effects of Silvio Berlusconi’s generation-long influence on Italian politics and culture.

Vietnam Romance
Eddo Stern

Vietnam War video games now abound in stores. In Vietnam Romance Eddo Stern uses machinima to explore the influence of mass-media images on public perceptions…

Violated Letters
Maciej Drygas

After World War II, Eastern European states attempted to maintain state control over personal expression. In the case of Poland, a special office intercepted, opened,…

Godfrey Reggio

Stunning black-and-white images set to a score by Philip Glass propel this visceral rumination on humanity’s relationship with an increasingly digital world.

The Visitors
Melis Birder

An unexpected look at prison life, told through the voices of those on the outside. This intimate film begins in New York City in the…

Voices from El-Sayed
Oded Adomi Leshem

El-Sayed, a Bedouin village nestled in the scenic landscape of the Negev Desert, is home to the largest community of deaf people in the world.…

Voices of Perthshire
Emma Knowlton Lytle

Voices of Perthshire is made from the extraordinary home movies of Emma Knowlton Lytle. Lytle, born on Perthshire Plantation in Bolivar County, Mississippi, in 1910,…

Voyage in G Major
Georgi Lazarevski

The filmmaker and his ninety-one-year-old violinist grandfather travel from France to Morocco on a grand voyage that the latter has been dreaming about for decades.…

Michel Negroponte

Suspense and flash mark this story of the New York City steam tunnels and the robot that will meander and tame their labyrinth. High tech…

Waiting for Hassana
Ifunanya Maduka

Jessica, an escapee, recollects a friendship shattered by the 2014 kidnapping of 276 Nigerian girls by the Boko Haram.

The Waiting Room
Peter Nicks

This gripping vérité film is a symphony of patients, caregivers, loved ones, bureaucracy, and hard choices in an Oakland ER’s waiting room. Festival Year: 2012

The Waiting Room
Peter Nicks

Peter Nicks’s rigorous verité film spends twenty-four hours in an Oakland Emergency Room, his camera evenly maneuvering through the complex environment. A stoic nurse intercepts…

Waking Sleeping Beauty
Don Hahn

Like all good fairy tales, the inside story of Disney animation’s stunning comeback after years of box-office disappointments features princesses, princes, and villains, as well as love, laughter, and tears.

The War
Ken Burns, Lynn Novick

Join Ken Burns for a special work-in-progress screening of Episode Five from his newest film series, The War. Comprised of seven episodes, The War follows…

War Against the Weak
Justin Strawhand

We recoil in horror from Joseph Mengele’s barbaric Holocaust experiments, but how many know his work was based on the principles of the American eugenics…