The Tingler
William Castle

This 1959 genre classic pits megalomaniacal, LSD-dropping scientist Vincent Price against the underwhelming eponymous monster, a parasitic (rubber) worm that lies dormant in everyone’s spine…

Titicut Follies
Frederick Wiseman

An intense, purely observational look at the stark conditions of inmate life in the 1960s at the Bridgewater State Hospital for the criminally insane in Massachusetts.

Tania Hernández Velasco

Brimming with symbolic imagery, Titixe is a beautiful and patient montage of a family’s last harvest in Mexico.

To Be and To Have
Nicolas Philibert

Meet Jojo, Nathalie, and the other children who attend a one-room school in the rolling French countryside. Their classroom is noticeably quieter than American ones.…

To Be Continued: The Story of the TBC Brass Band
Jason DaSilva, Colleen O'Halloran

The time is August 2005. A teenage New Orleans brass band, playing borrowed and taped-together instruments on the corner of Bourbon and Canal Streets, is…

To Be Heard
Roland Legiardi-Laura, Edwin Martinez, Deborah Shaffer, Amy Sultan

Three students from the South Bronx find respite from their daily struggles when they enroll in a high school poetry class.

To Live is Better Than to Die
Weijun Chen

The filmmaker spends a year filming a family of five in their modest home in rural China. All except the eldest daughter have AIDS. Without…

To See and Be Seen
Kirsten Johnson

Through clips and conversation, Kirsten Johnson discusses her role as a documentary cinematographer and details the many creative iterations that ultimately led to Cameraperson and The Above.

To See If I’m Smiling
Tamar Yarom

There’s a moment in this extraordinary film by Tamar Yaron when you will realize the horrifying meaning of its title. That moment brings into focus,…

To Sleep with Anger
Charles Burnett

Set in an older section of Watts, Los Angeles, To Sleep with Anger tells the fable of a trickster coming to town to steal souls.…

Tobacco Money Feeds My Family
Cynthia Hill

Depicting the contemporary lives of several local tobacco farmers, Tobacco Money Feeds My Family makes the convincing case that one cannot truly tell the story…

Toby in the Tall Corn
Richard Leacock

In one of the first films that Richard Leacock wrote, directed, photographed, and edited, the filmmaker achieves an absorbing level of intimacy and immediacy in…

Tocando la Luz (Touch the Light)
Jennifer Redfearn

In this quietly arresting film, three blind women in Havana, Cuba, share their heartbreaks and hopes, and navigate their profound desire for independence.

Today Is Better Than Two Tomorrows
Anna Rodgers

Inseparable eleven-year-old cousins and best friends, Leh and Bo, face a harsh reality: one will go to a monastery and one will go to school, sequestered from each other and their families. Filmmaker Anna Rodgers spent four years in Laos with the boys as they grew up and apart.

Today The Hawk Takes One Chick
Jane Gillooly

In the Lubombo region of Swaziland, where forty percent of the population is HIV positive and life expectancy has dropped to thirty-two years, elderly women…

Tom Dowd & the Language of Music
Mark Moormann

Meet Tom Dowd, audio-engineering wunderkind. From recording “race records” and jazz in the segregated South to capturing rock and jazz legends to helping develop the…

Joseph Anthony II

Beautifully scripted by Horton Foote, Tomorrow tells a story of love, loss, generosity and perseverance. In Mississippi, a helpful, quiet farmer (Duvall) befriends a pregnant…

Tomorrow is Just Another Day
Merlin Koene, Christian Mehofer

The life of an institution for long-term mental care is portrayed through a day’s worth of encounters between patients and their caregivers. As the institution…