Welcome to the Dollhouse
Todd Solondz

Welcome to the Dollhouse is a stark suburban comedy about 11-year-old Dawn Wiener, a middle child in middle school in the middle of New Jersey.…

Welcome to the Real World
Barney Churchill Broomfield

A young filmmaker edits the film he shot of two aid workers making a motorbike trip from India to England. Part road movie, part video…

Well-Founded Fear
Shari Robertson, Michael Camerini

Only one in two hundred refugees is granted asylum in the U.S. on the grounds of a well-founded fear of persecution for race, religion, nationality,…

Bill Ross, Turner Ross

With equal parts grit and sensitivity, a mayor and a rancher wrestle changing forces and impending violence in brother towns on opposite sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Paul Cowan

In the late 1980s, itinerant coal miners flocked to Nova Scotia, lured by the sweet promise of 15 years guaranteed work in a state of…

Wet Dreams and False Images
Jesse Epstein

Entering a seemingly average barbershop in Brooklyn, NY, filmmaker Jesse Epstein finds that a group of young, male entrepreneurs have adorned the walls of their…

Wetback — The Undocumented Documentary
Arturo Perez Torres

This epic exploration of undocumented workers walking to the United States from as far away as El Salvador is unlike any other film on the…

What Do We Want, When Do We Want It
Alex Jablonski

This fascinating short presents the idea of war protest through the juxtaposition of urgent and casual pacing and space. Using a thought-provoking letter between a…

What Happened, Miss Simone?
Liz Garbus

The brilliance and darkness of legendary pianist, singer, and civil rights activist Nina Simone is explored in this sensitive portrait of a singular artist.

What Remains
Steven Cantor

This portrait of photographer Sally Mann explores the creation of her most recent body of work entitled What Remains. Her 1992 book, Immediate Family brought…

What We Leave Behind
Iliana Sosa

For 20 years, Julián Moreno has traveled from Mexico to the United States to see his family once a month, staying only a few days…

What would the drop know about that?
Jan Zabeil

This haunting short film explores the relationship between a custodial crew and the majestic parliamentary building in their care, the Reichstag in Berlin. With an…

When All Is Ruin Once Again
Keith Walsh

Shot over eight years, this poetic, black-and-white ode to close-knit rural Irish communities follows the nearby motorway from one end to the other, documenting life’s comings and goings.

When Billy Broke His Head…and Other Tales of Wonder
Billy Golfus, David E. Simpson

“This ain’t exactly your inspirational cripple story,” says Billy. Billy suffers from brain damage after being rear-ended by a car while riding his motor scooter.…

When China Met Africa
Marc Francis, Nick Francis

A Zambian government minister eager to create new jobs negotiates with two Chinese men, a farmer and a road engineer, eager to invest in a new continent.

When We Talk About KGB
Virginija Vareikyte, Maxi Dejoie

Seven stories of former dissidents and KGB operatives in Vilnius, Lithuania, underscore the feelings of guilt, triumph, and loss that linger in a society once caught between ideology and regime.

Where Do You Stand? Stories from an American Mill
Alexandra Lescaze

On June 23, 1999, after a quarter century of struggle, textile workers in Kannapolis, North Carolina won the single largest industrial union victory in the…

Where is My Son?
Chai-Min Ahn

Abandoning a successful career in the big city, JunKyo Lee returns home to care for his ailing mother in her final years.