Wood Island
Kate Williamson

What could be more American than doughnuts from scratch, high-school football and a real nativity play, complete with mother and child? At the end of…

A Word for Human
Mauricio González-Aranda

Multiple worlds coexist in the Royal Danish Library in this observational film. Collections spring to life and crisp cinematography renders a lucid portrait of library staff and users, revealing how the library’s day-to-day work moves beyond the pages of a book or the walls of an exhibition to extend conversation and culture to Copenhagen, and beyond.

Word Wars
Julian Petrillo, Eric Chaikin

Like a brutally honest sports film, Word Wars documents the ordeals suffered by those dedicated to one-on-one competition. Knowing that their game requires the stamina…

Patrick Creadon

What do Bill Clinton, Ken Burns, Bob Dole, Jon Stewart, and the Indigo Girls have in common? A wildly obsessive dedication to The New York…

The Workers
Heather Courtney

Immigrant day laborers in Austin perform some of the city’s most critical jobs but find themselves at the center of a town battle over the location of their depot, which nobody wants in their backyard.

Workingman’s Death
Michael Glawogger

How much reality can you handle? Ask the workers profiled in this expansive look at some of the most intense jobs and landscapes on the…

The World According to Dick Cheney
R.J. Cutler, Greg Finton

A wealth of archival material and interviews shape this comprehensive, even-handed portrait of one of America’s most divisive politicians.

The World As We Know It
John Haptas, Kristine Samuelson

A quick, but poignant reflection on the images of twentieth-century wars as well as the events of 9/11. Blunt and straightforward with no air of…

The World of Tomorrow
Lance Bird, Tom Johnson

The 1939 World’s Fair was a landmark in the idea of the future and the notions of comfort and speed that were central to that…

Wounded Knee
Stanley Nelson

In 1973 Native Americans from the Oglala Lakota Tribe seized the village of Wounded Knee in South Dakota, site of the last massacre of the…

Wrestling with Angels: Playwright Tony Kushner
Freida Lee Mock

Richly layered, complex and fiercely entertaining—like Tony Kushner himself—Freida Lee Mock’s latest documentary exhibits every facet of Kushner’s career. The personal, professional, and the political…

Wrong Time Wrong Place
John Appel

Survivors of the 2011 bombing and mass shooting in Norway recount the day’s tragic events in
this look at how chance circumstances can have profound consequences.

Yangtze Drift
John Rash

In gorgeous black and white, this updated city symphony moves along the varied sights, sounds, and rhythms of a great river.

Year of the Bull
Todd Lubin

Year of the Bull provides a powerful, even disturbing, inside look at high school football in America. Following Miami Northwestern High School’s Bulls through their…

Yellow Brick Road
Matthew Makar, Keith Rondinelli

Each year, the drama program of Long Island’s ANCHOR (Answering the Needs of Citizens with Handicaps Through Organized Recreation) sponsors an extravagant, one-night-only production of…

The Yes Men Fix the World
Andy Bichlbaum, Mike Bonanno

Join the Yes Men—Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno—as they battle the free market mentality with their politically charged hijinks. Their method: select a corporation they…

Yo La Tengo and the Films of Painlevé
Jean Painlevé

The compelling and evocative music of Yo La Tengo may be the perfect band to accompany the films of Jean Painlevé, the cinematic pioneer whose…

You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Scott Calonico

Diplomacy, arm-twisting, and gastronomy as lifted from LBJ’s daily diaries and recorded phone
conversations and animated by archival photographs.