Red Whiteville and Blue


Erica Payne founded the nonpartisan, nonprofit Patriotic Millionaires to help make the American economy work for everybody, not just the wealthy. With 18 months to the next election, she introduces the Great Economy Project and heads into deep red territory to help working-class conservatives recognize their political power on issues like increasing the state’s minimum wage. A native of North Carolina, Erica makes a bee line to Whiteville and engages townspeople via a series of eight open dinners at a local seafood spot. Over the course of several months, four determined folks come into focus: Evelyn, Andy, Thomas, and Brittany. Working an average of 80 hours a week to support her family, Brittany is deeply invested in advocating for a living wage. Director D.L. Anderson assuredly follows the group as they embrace advocacy training, canvas for local support, repeatedly try to meet with their county representative, and travel to the NC General Assembly, where they step up to the mic to be heard. WFM

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D.L. Anderson


Sarah Sloan, D.L. Anderson


Robert Gourley


D.L. Anderson

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United States

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84 minutes


World Premiere