Festival Year: 2024

Shorts 1

The four films in this program provide different meditations on time and transitions.

Shorts 2

This program offers vivid explorations of community and connection. 

Shorts 3

The four films in this program express powerful personal narratives.   Anyuka Je m’appelle Mariia Ever Since, I Have Been Flying The Final Chapter  

The Sparkle
Isabelle Grignon-Francke

Kim and Billy work at carnivals. Over the summer, Kim procrastinates. He plans to leave this family of colleagues to devote himself to his passion, the search for precious stones. The layoff of Billy, his best friend, accelerates his disenchantment.

Speakeasy Conversation: Architects of the Story

While the documentary editor’s job is to achieve seamlessness for the audience, the road to get there isn’t set in stone. Join editors in discussing how collaboration in…

Speakeasy Conversation: Documentary Dealmaking

Doc filmmakers, we never “talk amongst ourselves.” The documentary ground is shifting under our feet, and we keep hearing that the “golden age” of documentary…

Speakeasy Conversation: Remembering D. A. Pennebaker

The festival is honored to celebrate D. A. Pennebaker with the 2024 Full Frame Tribute. In this intimate panel discussion friends and collaborators share stories…

Speakeasy Conversation: The Intersection of Art and Impact

Many documentary filmmakers have embraced the political, social, and cultural change that powerful nonfiction stories can create, but what does it take to balance artistic…

Story & Pictures By
Joanna Rudnick

This inspiring film tells a story about the boundary pushers who shape souls and give children strange dreams. The stars of Story & Pictures By are picture book creators changing the narrative for the next generation, even when their own lives are not fairytales. 

A Stranger Quest
Andrea Gatopoulos

In the eyes of an artificial mind, the last thirty years of David Rumsey—spent amassing one of the biggest historical maps collections in the world he secretly calls his poem—seem like an unexplainable quest. A Stranger Quest follows him on a road trip confronting the ghosts of his past and the end inching ever closer.

Stud Country
Lina Abascal, Alexandra Kern

Stud Country is the largest queer country western line dancing night in America, continuing a little-known fifty-plus year tradition in Los Angeles. Despite its success and fiercely committed community, due to gentrification, the event is set to lose its venue.

Julian Brave NoiseCat, Emily Kassie

An investigation into abuse and missing children at an Indian residential school ignites a reckoning on the nearby Sugarcane Reserve.

Sunday Encore 1—Hollywoodgate
Sunday Encore 2—Daughters
Sunday Encore 3—Sugarcane
Sunday Encore 4—Shorts Award Winners

Stud Country / American Seams / Je m’apelle Mariia / Ever Since, I Have Been Flying

Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One
William Greaves

Director William Greaves presides over a beleaguered film crew in New York’s Central Park, leaving them to try to figure out what kind of movie they’re making. A couple enacts a break-up scenario over and over, a documentary crew films a crew filming the crew, locals wander casually into the frame: the project defies easy description. Yet this wildly innovative sixties counterculture landmark remains one of the most tightly focused and insightful movies ever made about making movies.

There’s a star
Julien Cadieux

Samuel LeBlanc, a young transgender musician, embarks with his friends on a musical journey through the work of Acadian musician Angèle Arsenault. Does queer Acadia exist?