F/11 and Be There


F/11 and Be There is a beautifully shot film about Burk Uzzle’s vision as a photographer in a career spanning almost 70 years. Uzzle begins his mornings with a peaceful bike ride, part of his routine of physical and mental meditation that informs his working relationships with his subjects. Uzzle is still relatively new to digital, but his photographs demonstrate his artist’s vision in creating moving visuals that tell dynamic stories. Guiding us through his extensive archive, Uzzle shares some iconic photos from history. In his most recent project, documenting African Americans in the South, Uzzle works his magic to capture the essence of his subjects, using his camera as his tool. The film allows us inside Uzzle’s process, and we witness how he sweeps away the mundane to expose the profound.  BC

Filmmaker Q&A following screening


Jethro Waters


David Raymond, Kim Manocherian


Jethro Waters


Jethro Waters

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United States

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84 minutes