Look Into My Eyes


Where do humans go for comfort when confronted by the unknown? How do they heal from pasts they don’t understand? Look Into My Eyes invites engagement with these questions as it documents a number of psychics who provide deeply personal readings for clients in New York City. The film observes a series of potent encounters as people arrive seeking consolation and answers, from wanting to hear from someone they’ve lost or wondering if their missing pet is OK. The mediums describe their jobs and talk about when they first sensed they were clairvoyant, what drew them to this form of service, and how they feel when they have an off day. Director Lana Wilson also carefully documents the psychics’ lives outside of work, making space for introspective discussions around painful moments in their own lives, their hopes and dreams, and how they see themselves in the world. In doing so, the film invites reflection on the importance of human connection—the power of listening and being listened to, and the fundamental desire to be seen. ST

Filmmaker Q&A following screening


Lana Wilson


Lana Wilson, Kyle Martin


Hannah Buck


Stephen Maing

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United States

Run Time

106 minutes