Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
Alison Klayman

With intimate access to the artist, Alison Klayman presents a portrait of Chinese photographer, sculptor, architect, and activist Ai Weiwei. Captured over the course of…

Air Guitar Nation
Alexandra Lipsitz

“The axes are invisible; the chops are for real.” The art of air guitar centers on the elusive quality of “airness.” Covering the U.S. Air…

Airtime Rights
Stephen Hutchinson

Meet Monroe Litman and Mark Jonofsky, two guys compelled to air their private opinions in the public arena. Regular callers to NYC community-supported radio stations,…

AKA Doc Pomus
Peter Miller, Will Hechter

This biopic celebrates blues legend Doc Pomus, AKA Jerome Felder, a man who didn’t just
write “Lonely Avenue” but lived it.

Al Franken: God Spoke
Chris Hegedus, Nick Doob

Al Franken: God Spoke chronicles Al Franken’s rise to political prominence as the bane of right-wing media and scourge of Republicans everywhere. Once a regular…

Albert Wong
Gerrie McCall

“I’m not nervous since I’m prepared.” Meet Albert Wong. He’s nine years old, he’s a piano prodigy, and he wears those shoes with the little…

Albert’s Winter
Andreas Koefoed

A young Danish boy spends the winter balancing the whimsy of childhood play, the demands of his education, and the omnipresence of his mother’s cancer.

Barbara Bird

A poignant exploration of the creation and destruction of an American family, Album combines 8mm home movies from the ‘40s and ‘50s with contemporary commentary…

Ali Shan
Yung Chang

In this oddly suspenseful and ethereal short film, an early morning commute leads to a surprisingly transcendent destination.

Ali: Fear Eats the Soul
Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Rainer Werner Fassbinder addresses multiple levels of intolerance in his 1973 feature Ali: Fear Eats the Soul. When a lonely Moroccan mechanic falls in love…

Alice Sees The Light
Ariana Gerstein

The ever-increasing use of artificial lights has chased the darkness from our world. Alice laments the loss of her view of the universe, one of…

Alive Inside
Michael Rossato-Bennett

When a social worker discovers that music can unlock the memories of patients whose minds are clouded by dementia, he embarks on a mission to transform lives one iPod at a time.

All About My Father
Bjørn Eivind Aarskog

This Norwegian film uses understatement and riveting technique to carefully handle the subject of cross-dressing. A shocking revelation at the start of the film drives…

All Cats Are Grey in the Dark
Lasse Linder

Christian and his two cats, Katjuscha and Marmelade, are inseparable. In an attempt to ensure future companionship, Christian breeds Marmelade with a spry tomcat. Tender moments between owner and pet compose this short and lighthearted examination of aging and connection.

All Inclusive
Corina Schwingruber Ilić

This surreal short takes us on board a massive cruise ship where guests partake in waterslides and ziplines, competitions and organized dances, moving through the attractions of this floating carnival in prescribed succession.

All Skate, Everybody Skate
Nicole Triche

Tucked away in picturesque Topsail Island, N.C., Miss Doris’s roller skating rink pops with energy as she leads her customers in games and skates, as she’s done for over 50 years.

All These Sleepless Nights
Michal Marczak

Over the course of a summer, two Polish university students revel in and reel from the boundless possibilities of youth.

All We Carry
Cady Voge

All We Carry follows a young Honduran family as they flee persecution—migrating in cargo trains across Mexico, claiming asylum at the US border, and enduring separation in detention before being released in Seattle. There, a local synagogue sponsors the family for two years while they await the final decision on their asylum case. As the family tries to settle into their new home, we witness their everyday moments—both sorrowful and joyful—along the way.