American Hollow
Rory Kennedy

Rory Kennedy spent a year in rural Appalachia and emerged with a riveting portrait of family and survival seen through the lens of Iree Bowling,…

American Promise
Michèle Stephenson, Joe Brewster

This personal film follows the directors’ son and his best friend from their first day of
kindergarten through high school graduation, and how their lives diverge.

American Seams
Carly Jakins

The stories of three quilters combine to reveal an intimate portrait of rural women in the American West. 

American Teen
Nanette Burstein

American Teen follows four students during their senior year of high school in a small town in Indiana. The jock, the popular girl, the arty…

American Wildlife
Elizabeth Lo

In vivid black and white, director Elizabeth Lo observes a wildlife care center where animals are treated for injuries. Caregivers offer treatment to a range…

Among the Wolves
Tanguy Dumortier, Olivier Larrey

To share an entire year in the life of a pack of wild wolves is a dream for Yves the painter and Olivier the photographer. Throughout the four seasons, motionless and silent amid an unchanging scenery, they gradually become part of the “picture” and immerse themselves in the life of the wolves.

Ana Ana
Corinne van Egeraat, Petr Lom

Four young women in Egypt tell their stories in an unforgettable cinematic collaboration that merges the personal and the political.

Anatomy of a Male Ballet Dancer
David Barba, James Pellerito

Praised for the sublime way he partners ballerinas, Marcelo Gomes is the center of this intimate film that takes us inside his world to chart a luminous 20-year career with American Ballet Theater.

Anatomy — Skin, Heart, Muscle
Rhys Graham, Amy Gebhardt, Natasha Gadd

In the spirit of Renaissance triptychs, Anatomy presents three distinct portraits, by three different directors, each one fascinating in its individuality yet relating to the…

And Everything Is Going Fine
Steven Soderbergh

Spalding Gray made a living from revealing himself. Collaborator Steven Soderbergh honors the monologist’s literally storied career with a fitting tribute comprised of performance excerpts and interviews that further reveal the varied shades of Gray.

And You Don’t Stop: 30 Years of Hip Hop — Back in the Day
Dana Heinz Perry

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. With gritty archival footage and a pulsating, nostalgic soundtrack, And You Don’t Stop— the first part in a…

Andy Warhol: Screen Tests
Andy Warhol

Warhol’s filmmaking in the mid-60’s experimented with aspects of art that he applied in other mediums throughout his career, here the serial portrait. In 1964-1966…

An Angel in Doel
Tom Fassaert

Tom Fassaert’s debut feature film is a mesmerizing black-and-white elegy for the Belgian village of Doel. Located across the river from the mega-port of Antwerp…

The Angelmakers
Astrid Bussink

In Nagyrév, Hungary, 51 women were arrested for poisoning the men in their lives in 1929. In the village today, a set of very sharp…

Angels in the Dust
Louise Hogarth

In the dusty outskirts of a deeply divided nation, the Bothshabelo orphanage offers sanctuary to hundreds of South Africans in need. Con and Marion Cloete…

Graça Castanheira

Portuguese filmmaker Graça Castanheira considers our relationship to Earth and our place in the universe in a stunning visual essay.

Anonymously Yours
Gayle Ferraro

Shot clandestinely in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), Anonymously Yours weaves together with brutal honesty the stories of four Burmese women who tell of their…

Ansel Adams
Ric Burns

From the day that a 14-year-old Ansel Adams first saw the transcendent beauty of the Yosemite Valley, his life was, in his words, “colored and…