The Ants
Kaoru Ikeya

In the Japanese army, “ant soldiers” were those fighting men, many of them drafted, who performed the lowest and dirtiest jobs of war. Some of…

Anything Can Happen
Marcel Lozinski

One chilly spring morning, Tomek, a six-year-old boy on his scooter, romps through the neighborhood park and encounters some of its white-haired regulars. Tomek hoists…

Anything I Catch: The Handfishing Story
Pat Mire

Pat Mire teams up with veteran filmmaker and cinematographer Charles Bush to capture the natural drama of handfishing in this documentary. Highly visual, the film…

Anything You Want to Be
Liane Brandon

A teenager’s parents tell her time and again that she can grow up to be anything she wants to be. Through playful, yet troubling, reenactments,…

Maya Erdelyi

Interweaving super 8 family films, archival material, and experimental animation, a granddaughter takes a deep dive into the remarkable life of her indomitable grandmother— a writer, WWII refugee and Holocaust survivor. Anyuka (Hungarian for mother) explores intergenerational trauma, the Jewish diaspora, immigration, motherhood, and religious identity, to tell the story of a tragic and marvelous life across continents.

Jennifer Redfearn

In the Midwest, against the backdrop of the opioid epidemic and rising incarceration rates, three women navigate the challenges of mothering their children from prison. With poignant sensitivity, this film follows them as they prepare to reunite with their families and rebuild relationships after years of separation.

The Apollo of Gaza
Nicolas Wadimoff

Blurring the lines of truth and speculation, reality and myth, this investigative journey seeks to unravel the mysteries around an amazing archaeological find by a Gaza fisherman in 2013—a seemingly ancient bronze statue of Apollo—and its puzzling disappearance.

Apollonian Story
Ilan Moskovitch, Dan Bronfeld

A modern hermit has spent the last 40 years single-mindedly carving a home out of a Mediterranean cliff. When his estranged son comes to help, the pair must navigate long-standing tensions.

Anu Kuivalainen

Aboard the Finnish marine research vessel Aranda, life is governed by the insistent pitch and roll of ocean waves. The existential explorers on this ship…

Margot Benacerraf

On the coast of the Araya Peninsula in Venezuela, the sun beats down on the sea, sand, and men below. Salt is the central resource of this land where nothing grows, and a community exists by extracting it manually day and night.

The Arbor
Clio Barnard

This unconventional portrait of the late British playwright Andrea Dunbar features actors lip-synching audio interviews with her family, friends, and neighbors.

Arctic Son
Andrew Walton

Stanley, a hard-drinking and aimless First Nation young man in Washington State, visits his estranged father, who now lives in Old Crow, a Yukon Territory…

The Area
David Schalliol

Charismatic activist Deborah Payne tirelessly battles developers of a new multibillion-dollar freight yard that threatens to destroy Englewood, her neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side. World Premiere

Art & Copy
Doug Pray

Where’s the Beef? Got Milk? Just Do It. We all have our favorite commercials. Who is behind the catchiness and creativity of some of the…

The Art of Flying
Jan van Ijken

In this worldless short, thousands of starlings flock together in gyroscopic unison.

As Long As You Still Have Arms
Luisa Bäde

From a single stage and with a collection of intricately designed puppets, Frank Karbstein delivers his ultimate performance of the activist work that led him to be imprisoned in the German Democratic Republic during the 1980s. Using memory and theater to explore the lingering question of who among his pacifist group betrayed him, Frank searches for answers through art.

Nathan S. Duncan

This moody, experimental portrait of Austin State Hospital’s vacated spaces is a ghostly
memorial to the patients who once stayed there.

Kenji Tsukamoto

Ashima is an intimate portrait of elite rock climber Ashima Shiraishi as she travels to South Africa to try to become the youngest person in the world to climb a v14 graded boulder problem. Accompanying Ashima is Poppo, an eccentric, hermit-like, retired avant-garde dancer, who also happens to be her father. Emotional and rooted in character, Ashima is a love letter not only to climbing, but to immigrant parents and the realization of the American Dream.