Festival Year: 2021

Kristy Guevara-Flanagan

Once a month the members of Águilas de Desierto, or the Eagles of the Desert, battle the scorching Arizona heat to search for migrants who…

Volkan Üce

An all-inclusive resort on the Turkish Riviera brings tourists from around the world to its beaches each summer—anticipating the influx of tourists, the resort hires…

American Wildlife
Elizabeth Lo

In vivid black and white, director Elizabeth Lo observes a wildlife care center where animals are treated for injuries. Caregivers offer treatment to a range…

Cane Malice
Juan A. Zapata

Far from the eyes of the countless tourists who seek relaxation in the Dominican Republic’s verdant tropical resorts, tens of thousands of undocumented Haitian immigrants…

The Chimney Swift
Frédéric Schuld

Set in London, England, during the Industrial Revolution, The Chimney Swift is an animated short that offers a haunting yet handsomely illustrated view into the…

The Doll
Elahe Esmaili

Iranian teenager Asal has a suitor. Only 14, she lives with her younger brother and single father, Alireza, in the cramped confines of the family…

Sarah Friedland

How do we move with anxiety? Drills takes an innovative, performative approach to examining the ways we handle the present and prepare for the future.…

Peiman Zekavat

Undoubtedly, the first weeks of coronavirus lockdown looked exceedingly different from city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood. From several stories up in a new East…

The Facility
Seth Freed Wessler

In this harrowing documentary—told mostly through video chat and news footage—reporter Seth Freed Wessler investigates conditions at the Irwin County Detention Center, a private Immigration…

Faya Dayi
Jessica Beshir

Filmed in Harar, the rural Ethiopian town where director Jessica Beshir grew up, Faya Dayi takes as its subject the khat trade, borrowing its title…

The First Woman
Miguel Eek

Doe-eyed and quick to smile, fortysomething Eva longs for a sense of normalcy—her own place, a job, a boyfriend. As she explains it to her…

Fruits of Labor
Emily Cohen Ibañez

Ashley is an introspective teen with curiosity about the world and her relationship to her ancestors. She also works days in the strawberry fields and…

Peter Nicks

The senior year of high school is a milestone in the lives of many teenagers, often marked by high stress around grades, test scores, college…

In the Same Breath
Nanfu Wang

On the eve of 2020, thousands gathered in Wuhan to welcome the new year. Unbeknownst to them, their celebration was ammunition for COVID-19. Director Nanfu…

It Is Not Over Yet
Louise Detlefsen

Tucked away on the edges of a Danish forest, Dagmarsminde is a small nursing home for patients with severe dementia. Founded by nurse May Bjerre…

The Last Archer
Dácil Manrique de Lara

Spanish painter Alberto Manrique de Lara Díaz was a founding member of the Archers of Contemporary Art, or LADAC (Los Arqueros del Arte Contemporáneo), an…

Meanwhile on Earth
Carl Olsson

Composed primarily of workplace tableaux from the Swedish funeral trade, Carl Olsson’s Meanwhile on Earth takes viewers into seldom-seen corners and conversations with those who…

My Name is Pauli Murray
Betsy West, Julie Cohen

This luminous film examines the legacy of Pauli Murray. A lawyer, activist, poet, and priest, Murray’s life was dedicated to effecting change in America, especially…