Festival Year: 2022

Michael T Workman

The journey depicted in this film begins with a drive at night, headlights glowing down a darkened road. When filmmaker Michael Workman’s father, Tim, suffers…

Isabel Castro

Doris Muñoz is the only daughter of Mexican immigrant parents and the only one of their children born in the United States. For most of…

Move Me
Kelsey Peterson, Daniel Klein

Taut muscles that ripple underneath skin, joints that move fluidly: The motions of the human body are so instinctual, until they aren’t. Dancer and director…

Daniel Roher

In August 2020, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was flying from Siberia to Moscow when he began to experience symptoms that indicated he’d been poisoned.…

Night Ride
Todd Karehana

When filmmaker Todd Karehana discovers his mother’s strange nightly ritual—feeding the stray cats near his childhood home—he becomes her accomplice in an effort to understand…

No Soy Óscar
Jon Ayon

In the summer of 2019, young father Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his not quite two-year-old daughter, Angie Valeria, drowned in a river on the…

The Panola Project
Rachael DeCruz, Jeremy S. Levine

With a population of 350, Panola is a rural, predominantly Black town in Alabama, where the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll. The closet vaccination…

Paper City
Adrian Francis

In March 1945, the U.S. firebombed Tokyo, destroying a quarter of the city and killing 100,000 people. Among the survivors were Hiroshi Hoshino, Michiko Kiyooka,…

The Silent Shore
Nathalie Giraud, Timothée Corteggiani

In a house and garden full of memories, Aline and Pierre Dubois move through spaces—both visible and invisible—filled with traces of their long life together.…

Skate Dreams
Jessica Edwards

Solo sports are highly competitive in nature, especially those that join the ranks of the Olympics. Jessica Edwards’s Skate Dreams is a refreshing take on…

Soldat Ahmet
Jannis Lenz

Who is Ahmet Simsek? As indicated by the film’s title, he is a soldier in the Austrian Federal Army who lives in Vienna with his…

Stay Prayed Up
D.L. Anderson, Matt Durning

Lena Mae Perry is a treasure, one of North Carolina’s storied gospel singers whose career spans decades. As one of the founders and last original…

The Territory
Alex Pritz

The Uru-eu–wau-wau people have lived in the Amazonian rainforest for generations, but it wasn’t until 1981 that they had their first contact with the outside…

To Know Her
Natalie A. Chao

At the age of 14, Natalie Chao lost her mother to clinical depression. Traces of her exist in old miniDV camcorder footage, some of which…

Unseen Skies
Yaara Bou Melhem

Trevor Paglen is the subject of Yaara Bou Melhem’s documentary, which follows the artist as he develops several projects, including Orbital Reflector and Sight Machine,…

Video Visit
Malika Zouhali-Worrall

Inside the Brooklyn Public Library, a woman sits at a long table in front of a television screen, a microphone, speaker, and camera set before…

We Met in Virtual Reality
Joe Hunting

This visually arresting feature immerses the audience in the world of VR to show the genuine connections that can be forged within virtual environments. As…

What We Leave Behind
Iliana Sosa

For 20 years, Julián Moreno has traveled from Mexico to the United States to see his family once a month, staying only a few days…